march 4 - june 12 
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:40 to 10:40am 
Little Howe Park (yes, always outdoors!) 
Full Session (28 classes at $14/class) $392 + tax 
Half Session (14 classes at $16/class) $224 + tax 
Drop-in (First class free, then $18/class*) 

Please bring hand weights, a yoga mat, and water to class. 

*Free class for new customers only, please. Drop-in fee can be applied toward package purchase. 
Email Debbie at queenannefit@gmail.com to save your spot!

Classes are flexible and I adjust the exercises according to who shows up to class. Please note, there is always an opportunity to take a low/medium intensity class to a much higher level and also an opportunity to take a high intensity class down a notch. The class groups are small enough that you will benefit from personal attention while still appreciating the energy of the group. My classes are about you and you should come to class with that focus. You determine what you want to get out of class, and I’ll be there to lead the way.
Classes will be sold as a package deal — when a session is over, unused classes will not be transfered over to the next session.  

Weather is obviously a factor here in Seattle. Classes will rarely be canceled due to rain (or snow!), but if they are, participants will be notified via email at least one hour before the class start time. Cancelled classes will be made up later in the session, so you get your full number of classes you have paid for.